16 March 2009

...Cik doRINA d Tagged lagi oleh Cik Mawor... layannnn...

The things...

The thing beside u rite now : My LG KS360
The thing u just bought : Contact Lenses... purple,Green & Brown

The "special" thing u bring to the office : i didnt bring anything speacial..
The newest thing that u buy, and got the voucher : none..kedekut tu kedai jual lens...

The thing that u normally use for listening to the music : MP4
The thing that u love most : Money
The thing that u like to see while window shopping : price.. :P
The thing that u hate the most : Being Alone...
The thing that u use the most : eye shadow
The thing around u that is pink in color : Jilbab

The thing messy u the most : Alone
The thing u just earn from people around u : none
The thing u wish to have : Money...
The thing u just lost : Him :P
The "special" thing u must have everyday : Hp ( speacial ka??)
The thing u wish to be given by someone : Money..for my vacations... especially Hj. Bahar..

This entry dedicate to Cik Mawar... TQ for the present ya.. :P !!


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  1. bagus2...saya sgt sukaaa sama org yg bermata duitan...same la!!