11 February 2009

~~Ong Bak 2~~

Ong Bak 2 is a 2008, Thai Martial Arts Film co-directed by and starring Tony Jaa. It is a prequel to Ong Bak : Muay Thai Warrior. Shooting of the film began in October 2006. It was released in Thailand on December 5, 2008. A new trailer for the movie was released in the mid 2008, showing a fictional fantasy setting where Tony Jaa's character was rescued in the jungle by a group of martial artists of various styles and trained to unify these different styles of martial arts.

"Set in the regal times of King Naresuan, Tony Jaa plays Tien a man who was born into nobility but had it stripped from him after his parents were brutally murdered. During his childhood Tien learned Khon, a form of dance which is usually reserved for royalty. Although he didn't know it yet Khon would later prove to be an invaluable aide to him. After seeing his parents murdered at the tender age of 10, Tien is forced to live on the streets where he is eventually captured by a group of thieves who take him in and teach him how to steal and fight. Tien expertise as a thief and fighter grows and it isn't long before he is made head thief. Then Tien sees something that makes his stomach churn. A competition is being held to find the best knights to serve under the very man who had killed Tien's parents all those years ago. Tien passes the tests easily and is made Lord Rachasana's 2nd Knight. Now, he has his opportunity to strike but he will have to use all his skill and ingenuity if he is going to get his revenge on the man who killed his parents."

Di atas serba sedikit pasal cerita Ong Bak 2 yang aku p tgk semalam... pd pendapat aku cita ni best la jgk...tp ending sia x paham la...erkk.... Semalam kami p tgk wayang ber-3 ... Aku..Anne n Harry... Kami p tgk d Cathay Cineplex Kota Kinabalu...Start Muvee jam 6..hbs lebih kurang jam 7.45...(mbe..)... ni adalah muvee pertama aku dalam tahun 2009 ni..haha..last muvee aku tgk hari tu kalau x silap.. James Bond.. hahahahaha....mcm sebln sudah x tgk muvee kan..hhhahaha...keylah...itu serba sedikit review crita...

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  1. aku nak tgk cite nie waktu kuar ngan budak2 tu.. tp yg tinggal kerusi barisan depan skali je.. so cancel.. end up tgk cite underworld: rise of the lycans.. aku dh tgk cite tu.. sudah nye aku tdoo.. haruuu betuii.